International Student Activities

Meet your International Student Ambassador

Want to talk to a current Houston Community College student?

International Student Ambassadors (ISAs) are current international students ready to share their experiences, answer your questions, and help other international students throughout their journey. Please contact us and we will try to connect you with a student from your region.


Mouiha Francisco Viador

Country: Mozambique

Major: Computer Science


I decided to come to Houston because it's affordable compared to other places that I have been in the United States. Moreover, I chose Houston because it is known for international worldwide space exploration and is the world capital of petroleum exploration. So I thought of coming to Houston and learning about computer science. I could have an opportunity to have an internship with these companies and also go back to my country and help them if it is needed.


Ruth Uwa Ukwenya

Country: Nigeria

Major: Computer Science:

Cloud computing and Application development


I am Ruth Uwa Ukwenya from Nigeria. My major is Computer Programming - Applications Development - Cloud Computing and Application Development Specialization AAS. 

I love singing, organizing programs, traveling, giving back and sharing. I hope that someday I will develop apps that will solve the world problems and save the world.



Halmuhammet Muhamedorazov

Country: Turkmenistan

Major: Computer Science 

My name is Halmuhammet Muhamedorazov. I am from Turkmenistan, and I am one of the ambassadors to the international students at HCC. After graduating from high school, I wanted to widen my perspective about the world, and get good education. I chose HCC because it was affordable and accredited. Right now, I am majoring in Computer Science, and in the future I wish to become a software developer.


Ruby Dang

Country: Vietnam

Major: Computer Science

Hello, my name is Ruby Dang, and I am from Vietnam. I am currently pursuing an Associate of Science in Computer Science at Houston Community College. I chose HCC to start my journey as the school offers a wide range of variable majors at many campuses located around Houston. Additionally, HCC provides the latest technology devices and lots of professional support for my career preparation.


Samra Horsley

Country: Tanzania

Major: Nursing

My name is Samra Horsley, I am an international student from Tanzania. In search of a community college in Houston Texas due to its diversity and recognized health schools, I stumbled upon HCC. The decision to apply to HCC was influenced by many factors but amongst the important factors was numerous campuses HCC has which gives me the opportunity to live in any part of Houston and great things I heard about the college from people who went here. Upon attending HCC, I was further pleased by my decision due to the assistance, knowledge, and service that I have received from the faculty and staff during my time here. As an international student I felt welcomed, accepted and appreciated.


Maria De Ugarte

Country: Bolivia

Major: Business

My name is Maria De Ugarte, I am from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, a country in the middle of South America. I have been in HCC since spring 2019 and I will be graduating with an AAS in Business this fall semester. My plan for spring 2021 is to get a Certificate in Financial Operations at HCC to gain knowledge in the financial field.


F-1 Student Activities

F-1 International Student Ambassadors

Are you an aspiring leader on your HCC campus or in the community? Would you like to help first-year and transfer F-1 international students adjust to life at HCC and in Houston? If so, please consider applying to become an F-1 International Student Ambassador (ISA)!

This is a very enriching volunteer opportunity. As an ISA, you would play a crucial role in introducing other international students to campus life and the services that are available to them while studying at HCC. You would also gain valuable leadership experience while taking part in some very fun activities throughout the academic year!

For more information on how to become an ISA, please review the applicant requirements below and the list of responsibilities. The next application period is now open please complete your application.

We look forward to having you eventually join us as an F-1 International Student Ambassador!

Applicant Requirements

  • Must be an F-1 international student in good standing at HCC
  • Had to have attended HCC for at least one year at the time of application
  • Must maintain a grade-point average (GPA) of at least 2.5
  • Plans to attend HCC for the semester in which you are applying to be an International Student Ambassador


  • If chosen as an International Student Ambassador, you must attend a mandatory training session and that semester's International Student Orientation
  • Help first-year and transfer international students to make adjustments to life at HCC and in Houston
  • Help introduce incoming students to campus life and services available to them through the Office of Internation Student Services and other HCC departments.
  • Serve as an ambassador for HCC while traveling back home and elsewhere abroad
  • Volunteer to attend outreach events (community events, festivals, etc.) as a student ambassador
  • May be asked to assist students/families at various HCC events for students and the community, such as orientations, open house, career workshops, transfer fairs, job fairs, etc.
  • Speak with incoming international students about your experiences at HCC and how studying here has helped you achieve your goals
  • Be a part of an International Student Leader council that meets a few times each semester to discuss ways to improve the international student experience here at HCC
  • May be featured/interviewed in HCC videos about student success stories

Student Ambassador Application


Student Events Calendar

The Office of International Services & Programs (ISP)  hosts events throughout the year to help F-1 students adjust to life at HCC and to achieve their career aspirations. From international student transfer fairs to career workshops to open houses, there are events that prove beneficial for every F-1 student.

To see what events are coming up and how you can participate, please visit the ISP Calendar site