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Feature Stories

Apply for 2021-22 West Houston Institute Innovation Fellows

Jan 25, 2021

We are pleased to announce that applications are now open for next year’s cohort of West Houston Institute Innovation Fellows! All applications must be recieved by April 16, 2021.

The WHI Innovation Fellows is open to full-time college faculty and staff. It is a two semester experience (Fall and Spring) meeting once a week on Fridays at the West Houston Institute with some adjustments to time being made for Faculty Senate meetings and others as needed.

If selected, you will become part of an exclusive group charged with the responsibility of helping to innovate teaching and learning at HCC; developing, leading, and managing the programs throughout the college; and sharing your knowledge and expertise with others. Fellows will have opportunities to learn innovative principles and practices and apply them in different contexts both within the college and in the community. Fellows will also learn digital technologies and skills as well as create projects of their own design as they travel the experiential pathway of innovation in a collaborative environment. 

This is indeed a unique experience, and one that will fundamentally change your vision of the future as we respond to the existential challenges facing higher education. Finally, we believe this program will facilitate your approach to education in new and different ways as we engage this generation of learners.

Application Instructions

If interested in becoming an Innovation Fellow, please submit an updated curriculum vitae or resume along with your answers to the questions which follow directly to Dr. John Swann at john.swann@hccs.edu and copy Jordan Carswell at jordan.carswell@hccs.edu. These questions are designed to provide us with some information about your goals for the fellowship since it is a competitive process due to the limited number of positions available.

  1. Higher education today is facing some existential challenges. How do you see yourself helping to address some of those challenges through the reinvention of teaching and learning, the innovation of procedure and practice, and the exploration of new ideas about the way we conduct our business?

  2. If selected for the fellowship, what will your intended focus be? In other words, what do you wish to study or learn and/or what type of project or projects do you wish to pursue? Keep in mind that this is an initial intention; as you learn new skillsets and mindsets your focus and projects may very well change.

  3. Provide a brief narrative that explains your reasons for seeking this fellowship.

  4. Briefly describe one of the most creative or innovative things you have ever done in your life, either inside or outside the college. What did you learn from that experience, and how will you share that learning with us and the other faculty to help create a culture of innovation at HCC?

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