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Apprenticeship Hub for Workers

Skilled occupations require certification, and one of the most crucial parts of the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is the education needed to achieve industry certification. Whether it be for operating heavy machinery, being knowledgeable enough to keep environments sanitary, or being trained in the management of groups for complex tasks, the sum total of know-how learned off the job is just as valuable as on-the-job experience. Beyond formal schooling through a university or community college, organizations specializing in training can offer the steps to certification and employment, made more comprehensive and rewarding by registered apprenticeships. 

As a provider, you'll work as the second leg of the Apprenticeship Program, providing education to trainees while they take the work-based component underneath a mentor at your partner business. You'll work with your partner to design a schedule and curriculum for apprentices in the program. This curriculum should cover all the skills required for successful employment, while also keeping pace with the student's progress through the employer's side of the apprenticeship.

Christina Robinson, Ed.D

Executive Director, Work-Based Learning & Industry Partnerships