The Future of Central College

By Debra McGaughey

Apr 30, 2014

Rows of outdoor tables and chairs. Charming groves of shade trees. A “timeline walk” in front of the 100-year-old San Jacinto Memorial Building. These are just a few of the features students can look forward to as plans for the redesign of HCC Central moves ahead in the coming months and years.

The front of the San Jacinto Memorial Building will perhaps see the biggest changes. A broad green lawn, criss-crossed with pathways leading to the existing replica of the San Jacinto monument are hallmarks of “San Jacinto (Memorial) Green.” The area is designed to capture the essence of a college campus while incorporating the history of the San Jacinto Memorial Building, the birthplace of Houston Community College, the University of Houston, San Jacinto High School and other notable Houston educational institutions.

A ‘timeline walk” featuring brick pavers featuring the names of alumni of San Jacinto High School, which operated in the building for 45 years - from 1926 to 1971. For more information about this project, click here.

Other key areas of note include new, pedestrian-friendly streets surrounding the campus. Caroline Street will feature new extended sidewalks, trees and seating. In an effort to encourage pedestrian walking and outdoor gathering, cars will no longer be able to park on the portion of Caroline closest to HCC Central. Austin and La Branch Streets also are undergoing major renovation to increase pedestrian traffic with less intrusion by motor vehicles.

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