Aspect 2017: A Drawing Invitational

In the Gallery through April 1

Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 8, 5:30 – 8:00 pm

The Center of Excellence for Visual and Performing Arts and HCC Central Art Gallery is proud to present ASPECT 2017, an invitational drawing exhibition. ASPECT 2017 highlights the work of Houston area artists whose work demonstrates great skill and pushes conventional ideas of drawing into the realm of other disciplines through materials, process, and interactivity. The artworks included in ASPECT 2017 range from works on paper, to collaborative works, to physical drawings made with string and even carved into drywall. The exhibition's conceptual focus and open approach to drawing is anchored by a large-scale Sol LeWitt wall drawing, executed by HCC students.   

Featured Artists:

Emily Burgess

Bradly Brown, 

Matthew Kelly Debbaudt

Marcos Hdez

Clara Hoag 

Daniela Koontz

Linda Mota

Daniel Johnston 

Cameron Sands 

Christopher Wallace

Jeff Wheeler

Sol LeWitt


Link to a map showing parking garage and FAC: